Portable card machines

From classic to Smart, our devices are modern and well-equipped with a colour screen and a DATA card for guaranteed mobile connection. Choose from the variety of paperless and models with built-in thermal receipt printers.

Pricing model

With myPOS, you can enjoy competitive transaction rates, no rental contracts and no additional monthly costs. Run your business with zero commitment.

Contactless payments

All card machines are equipped with a Chip and PIN, magnetic stripe and NFC reader. Accept all debit and credit cards, including Apple or Google Pay.

Multifunctional solution

As a myPOS merchant, you can take advantage of additional features such as Refund, Top-up or MO/TO Virtual Terminal and accept payments across Europe in multiple currencies.

DATA card

Thanks to the free DATA card with unlimited mobile connectivity, your POS device will be connected anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to dependence on apps, software, network cables or a Wi-Fi network.

App market

Download the apps you need whenever you want! Simply tap the AppMarket icon and select the desired app to install it to your myPOS Smart payment terminal.


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